You don't have to know how to code to teach code.

Coding (computer programming) means telling a computer what to do in a language it can understand. Computer Science is the study of how computers work. Coding is a small part of Computer Science. Computational Thinking is the transferrable part of Computer Science. It is composed of five fundamental skills that can be applied to any type of problem.

Decomposition - breaking a problem into smaller problems

Generalization - comparing this problem to other problems

Abstraction - deciding which details don't matter

Pattern Recognition - deciding which parts repeat

Algorithm Design - solving all the problems of one type

Further reading on Computational Thinking:
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Scratch is an open-ended programming environment that allows programmers of any ability level to create animations, apps, and games by connecting blocks of code.

All users must make accounts in order to save their work. If students are making accounts, make sure they use a username and password they can remember, like their Chromebook logins.

For a gentle tutorial in using Scratch, play Google's one-hour CS First lesson. It should take adults less than an hour.

Using Scratch in the classroom

In Science and Social Studies

Start coding in your classroom by replacing one creative project out of every four with an app or video game! Coding projects can be used at any phase of learning:

Introduce a concept

Example 1: Journey
Vizcaino Starter Project
Vizcaino's Journey

Example 2: Add Sound and Visual Effects
What is an Artifact?
With SFX!

Practice terminology or relationships

Example 1: Interactive Map
Parts of a Mission California Mission Finished Project

Example 2: Name That Thing
Molecule Game Starter Project

Synthesize information

Example 1: PSA
Student Project for National Bullying Prevention Month
Kickstart Columbus

Example 2: Talk to an Expert
National Bird

For all the projects in Science and Social Studies, follow these links:
Scratch Social Studies Studio
Scratch Science Studio

In Math Class

Practice a skill

Example 1: Multiplication
Dino Math

Example 2: Adding decimals
Space Decimals Starter Project
Space Decimals Finished Project

Use your math skillz to fix a broken game

Example 1: Function Tables
Rocket Dodge Starter Project
Rocket Dodge Finished Project

Example 2: Place Value
Dino Clicker Starter Project
Dino Clicker Finished Project

Make an app for that

Example 1: Mean, Median, Mode
Histogram Project

Example 2: Exponents

For all the projects in Math Class, follow this link:
Scratch Math Studio


CS First Storytelling

Learn to code now!