Emily is a GIFTED teacher--upbeat, patient, approachable. She is a gem because she has technical knowledge AND works with kids so she just gets it. Her Beyonce metaphor and "What's wrong with this code?" are brilliant! - Shanti Crawford, NYC teacher

Thank you for teaching us how to code. I didn't know that there was math involved in video games, and now I love math. - Liliana, 6th grade student

Current projects

San Mateo County Office of Education Computer Science & Maker Education Coordinator

Past projects


Vidcode Curriculum Lead

STEAM Fest on the Square Committee Member


John Gill Elementary STEAM Program Coordinator

Coding Girls 2017 Instructor and Hackathon Organizer (Italy)

Google Global Education Symposium November 1-2 2017

EduCode - curriculum-integrated coding classes, grades 1-8, and professional development for teachers in Redwood City School District

Bay Area Maker Faire 2017: Maker Educator Panel

Bright Futures Conference: Equitable Access to Learning in the Digital Age, May 6

John Gill School Maker Faire May 18

Global Game Jam 2017 with Redwood City School District and Shopkick


Coding Girls 2016 with Fondazione Mondo Digitale (Italy)

Vidcode Hour of Code 2016

Each One Reach One - adapting CS First for teens in juvenile detention

Kennedy Hackathon

CodeCombat JavaScript/Python curriculum

Python course for teachers at the Redwood City Library

Vidcode Middle School JavaScript curriculum, NYC Spring/Summer STEM Institute

Global Game Jam 2016 with BGCP and Shopkick


Hopscotch Middle Grades Curriculum (pdf) and instructional videos

Redwood City Library Code Club - as of 2017 entirely run by local volunteers!

Global Game Jam 2015 with RWC Downtown Library

Boys and Girls Clubs of the Peninsula - CS First staff and VISTA training

Taft Elementary math and coding volunteer


iOS Game Developer (sorry, all my games are obsolete, but one won a BAFTA)


PhD Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh

Why is this website so terrible?

I have written this site by hand using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript as an educational tool for my students. It is as simple as possible for its function, so anyone may read the source of any page to understand how it works.